The timely service of proper notice is crucial to the progress of your case. We facilitate that by working closely with your client to zero-in on the respondent / defendant and knowing and following the Texas Rule of Civil Procedure as they relate to service of process.

Austin Texas Process Service means peace of mind for you and your client.


Process Service:

Process Service (Citations, Subpoenas, Notices, etc) ..... $75
Process Service (Williamson, Hays, Caldwell, Bastrop Counties) ..... $85
Pro Se Service (you represent yourself; no attorney) ..... $65
Document Filing (free with order of Process Service) ..... $35
Service on Secretary of State (does not include $55 filing fee) ..... $55
General Courier Service ..... $40
Temporary Restraining Orders ..... $75
Protective Orders ..... $100
Additional Document, same defendant ..... $25
Rush Service ..... $45
Waiting Time (with approval) ..... $40/hr

Notary Service:

Travel Fee ..... $50
Document Notarization ..... $6
Additional Signature ..... $1
Administering Oath, Affirmation, Swearing Witness ..... $6
Taking Deposition (100 words) ..... $0.50
Certifying a Photocopy ..... $6.00


Please feel free to contact us between the hours of 7 A.M. and 7 P.M. CST.

contact (at) atxps.org

P.O. Box 9062
Austin, TX 78766