Specializing in service of process from out-of-state jurisdictions and in after-hours service of process in the Austin area. We work closely with your client (at your option) to find your respondent and serve that respondent in perfect compliance with the Texas Rules of Civi Procedure and the rules of other states. Your client's affidavit and / or return of service will be filed immediately after service. We also immediately inform your client (at your option) of the fact of service in high-conflict cases.

Some serves have to be performed very carefully and we take pride in making sure those situations go smoothly.


Process Service:

$60 Process Service (Citations, Subpoenas, Etc.)

$55 Service on Secretary of State (does not include $55 filing fee)

$70 Temporary Restraining Orders

$90 Protective Orders (includes urgent service)

$40 Urgent Service

Notary Service:

$50 Travel Fee
$6 Document Notarization
$1 Additional Signature
$6 Administering Oath, Affirmation, Swearing Witness


Please feel free to contact us between the hours of 7 A.M. and 7 P.M. CST.

contact (at) atxps.org

2600 Penny Lane Suite 202
Austin, TX 78757